Two Recreation therapists have joined forces to create Georgian Respite. University graduates from recreation therapy programs and a combined work experience of 20 years, working directly with people with disabilities, seniors, children and people with mental illness. We are passionate about providing quality care and compassion for your loved ones, while offering recreation and community support services. 

Our Services 


Our Founders 

In-home Respite 
We provide the caregiver with short-term relief and social and emotional support for the client. 

Community Integration & Support 
We encourage and support individuals to engage in their community, to foster greater health and well-being. 

Care Partners 

​Georgian Respite operates with a client centred approach. We are the ideal care partners for you and your loved one. 

Personalized Programs 

We design our programs to meet the needs of the client and their family. We have flexible hours and support staff to accommodate our clients. 

   Erin Hayden

  Kelly Asselin